Are you...

Frustrated and disappointed by what others call “leadership”?
Struggling to have a positive impact on those you care about?
Feeling inauthentic as a leader?
Grappling with your effectiveness as a leader?
Limited by your own beliefs?

If you answered “hell yes!” to any of these questions, Relentless Leadership is the program that will galvanize you to become the kind of leader who will positively impact the lives of those you care about…and that changes the world for all of us!

I'm Ready!

We don’t offer training or development. We offer an entirely new approach to unleashing your latent leadership potential.

Are you driven by a mission to change the world, to leave everyone and everything better than you found it, and to positively impact the emotional states of those you care about?

Imagine yourself as a resilient, agile and adaptive leader ready to forge a new future in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Our world needs better leaders.
Our world needs people like you.
The only thing standing between you and this future is you.

I believe the path to a better future is paved through better leadership and it is the responsibility of each person to be the leader they were meant to be.

My mission is to help individuals and teams by purposefully exploring the art and science of positively impacting the emotional states of those we care about.


Research and evaluate the potential impact of new ideas, concepts, and ways of being. Expand your thinking and be willing to confront your own beliefs about yourself and others.


Move from theory to practice with new behaviors. Begin to leverage your own actions to create changes in yourself and others. Act your way into a new way of thinking.


Reflect on the impact of your actions. Integrate what works and discard what doesn’t as you cultivate these new and more effective skills. Always returning to explore and beginning the cycle anew.

How It Works

Transform your family, team, community or organization
Discover your unique and authentic leadership voice
Thrive in uncertainty
Know you can make your goals a reality
Build and sustain positive and meaningful relationships
Create real and lasting change in the world
I'm Ready!

What Other Relentless Leaders Say

Welcome to Relentless Leadership

When You Join The Relentless Leadership Academy

You’ll transform your leadership with access to over 20 tutorial videos, online resources and tools, printable notes, downloadable leadership experiments and discussion questions. This is where preparation for your odyssey begins; with the willingness

to confront your insecurities and make them the starting point for growth. Trust me and trust yourself…we got this! We’ll kick things off with a run through of how the program is structured and how to get the most out of your experience.

Section 1: Ego

Get Out Of Your Own Way.

Ego is a blade that cuts both ways. Too little and progress is stalled. Too much and we end up way over our skis. As with all things, balance is the key. In this section you’ll explore:

The importance of taking risks
The need for failure to make progress
The concept of unlearning
The service of leadership
The importance of hard work

Section 2: Head

A Crash Course On Your Brain.

Power comes from understanding what drives your actions and behaviors, and knowing we don’t believe things because they are true, they are true because we believe them. In this section you’ll explore:

The power of your brain
Self awareness (aka tolerate no BS)
The importance of self leadership
Owning your decisions
How you can choose to make anything happen

Section 3: Heart

Empathy, Emotions, Connection and Leadership.

You can’t lead people if you don’t care about them. In this section you’ll explore:

Creating authenticity with heart lead leadership
The essentials of mindfulness and presence
Building others up
Why others aren’t you
Providing the motivation, tools and desire to do better

Section 4: Soul

The Great Enabler.

Soul is critical to great leadership and enables you to press on with the journey when all seems lost. In this section you’ll explore:

What changes you’re willing to make to achieve your goals
Why your odyssey is never finished

PLUS: For Founding Members Only:

Bi-Weekly Group Calls

Accelerate your leadership progress with exclusive group coaching from your guide, Perry Maughmer. Calls begin Tuesday, August 30 and go through December.

Relentless Leadership Isn’t For Everyone

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This program is only for the relentless few with the fortitude to take a long look in the mirror and have a transformational conversation with the person they see. Then, you must be willing to let go of who you are so they can become what you’re destined to be.

Embark On Your Odyssey

I’m Perry, Founder of Relentless Leadership.

With a focus on inspiring and empowering leaders to create a better world for themselves, their families, their communities, and their organizations, Relentless Leadership is centered on creating community, clarity and coalition.  

You will not come away from this program with all the answers, but it will empower you to have transformational conversations with yourself so you can begin your own unique odyssey to become the relentless leader you were meant to be…and that our world needs.