Creating space for you to innovate as a leader.

Stretch perspectives | Challenge beliefs | Make better decisions.


How? By asking the right questions.


Who do you turn to when you need help?

It's lonely at the top: friends, family, and board members aren't facing the decisions you have to make every day. We can all convince ourselves that everything we do is right, but what we really need is invaluable outside perspective from others who sit in the same seat we do.

What is your game plan?

The biggest mistake you can make is developing a great plan based on the right answer to the wrong question. As a leader, when you arrive at the office you sit down at your desk and become a technician. You need a place where you can find balance between tactics and strategy.

Where does my business end and my life begin?

This is about integration. All business issues are emotional issues at their core. To be in alignment, you need to address the underlying emotional component that is stopping you from taking action.


Find Your Answers.


“I like the group because everyone has obstacles...but in here the process forces you to come face to face with the obstacles you have...and allows you to put a lot of them behind you.” — Mike