Your job

As a business leader, you are rushing about trying to:

  • Boost both the top and bottom lines

  • Develop the next generation of leaders

  • Meet the expectations of all stakeholders

  • Go to all the meetings

  • Create business plans and strategies as well as ensure they are actually carried out successfully

  • Somewhere in there have time for your personal life

No matter how many things you are able to accomplish, the list never gets any shorter.

You’re ready to make a real sustainable change but are unsure of how to get there or even where to begin.

Something keeps telling you to take time away from the business to get a fresh perspective, but how can you possibly afford that?

In reality, you don’t need time away.

Sometimes all you need are simple conversations that point out larger issues.

Maybe you’ve been in your industry for years or there are problems even your vast expertise is having trouble solving.

Vistage is all about gaining the perspective to see the problem in totality and find the point of greatest leverage.

The goal of the process is to put aside your expert perspective and see with beginners eyes.

It’s about seeing the system as a whole.

In a Vistage meeting you’ll have to fight to not solve the problem too quickly. Your group will help you approach it from a different angle in order to make a better decision.

My job


Perry Maughmer

Chair for Vistage International in Central Ohio

As Chair for Vistage International in Central Ohio for more than 5 years, I’m here to help create a space for you and your peers to explore problems together. You need a space free of judgment so you can focus on the problem at hand.

I focus on providing help where you need it, not where I want to give it. We’ll find action items and I will actually hold you accountable to them. There’s no hiding or dodging.

Challenges in life are simple but far from easy. That’s why I’ll say what needs to be said. Sure, I may be brutally honest, but you’re here to solve a problem. The last thing you need is someone to commiserate with.

This only works if there is trust.

I may say things a member doesn’t want to hear, but it’s to get them back on the path towards the goals they’ve developed.  

Think of me like a velvet wrapped brick - here to gently yet forcibly break through.