Are you in the 5%?


So here is how this normally plays out:

  • We talk about the 68% of the things in our lives with just about anyone we know relatively well.
  • The next 27% we discuss with only family and close friends.
  • That leaves the final 5% of things that usually take the form of concerns, challenges, opportunities, problems, or frustrations and those things are tough to share with just anyone so we just keep them to ourselves.

It is my opinion that only the top 5% of folks ever directly address their own 5% in a positive manner.  In "The Power Of The Other", Dr. Henry Cloud points out that, "We can't and shouldn't always walk away from tough situations.  Being a fruitful person, the kind of person who actually changes the world around you, means that you sometimes intentionally enter negative situations and work hard to transform them."  He follows this up with, "The more we are surrounded by people who are motivated to get there, the more we catch that energy and are moved toward success ourselves."

It takes energy to tackle the vital few issues in our lives and businesses on a daily business and that is why your strategy has to include others because as Allen Hamilton said, "No one accomplishes anything in this life on his or her own. Even when we stare in awe at what might appear to be a solitary feat - like climbing to the top of a mountain alone - there is invisible support. There are loved ones at home who cherish the adventure. A mentor to teach. A colleague with whom the experience can be shared. And unseen magic too.”  

I see this at play out every day with the business owners and chief executives in my Vistage Peer Advisory Groups.  Their meetings are only for those with intestinal fortitude and thick skin because these folks play all in. They never have to worry about mincing words or hurting feelings because it is all done for one simple yet powerful reason:  everyone in that room seeks excellence and they realize they have to own their own bullshit if they want to move the needle.  When the shared goal is to walk out better than you walked in, you crave honest and direct feedback so you can make progress (not be perfect).  This definitely falls into the category of "simple not easy".

These groups of mavericks and malcontents leverage each other to address the most compelling issues they are facing.  They are willing to be authentic and transparent and that's what puts them in that 5%. 

I will leave you with these questions to consider:

  • What are the big decisions or challenges you have been putting off?
  • What's holding you back?
  • How much energy are you willing to put into it?
  • How are your actions matching up to who you know you are?
  • What are your waiting for?

If you are ready to get started, let me know because I have dynamic groups who are seeking members willing to embrace the challenge of the 5%!







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