Are you a pragmatic malcontent?

Are you a pragmatic malcontent?

I believe there are a small percentage of people out there who are pragmatic malcontents.  I have no empirical evidence but guess that we represent less than 5% of the total population. Being a PM does not mean you have your own business or a leadership title at work.  What is means is that you are someone who is:

  • Malcontent (a person who is dissatisfied) - This should be about you and your purpose and not about more money, status, or stuff.  If you are motivated by a bigger home, nicer car, or other shit like that...then you are a narcissist.  If you are driven by your own purpose and you want to bring that to the world and share with others...that is a powerful person.  The challenge will always be to stay your course and not let the world tell you that you need to quiet down because you are making others uncomfortable.  The people are who are uncomfortable are those who are too scared to be themselves - scared of things like failure, ridicule, embarrassment...the things that PMs seek and embrace because that is how winning is done!
  • Pragmatic (dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations - as opposed to an idealist who simply wishes things were different) - This is where the separation occurs and why we are only 5% of the population.  Almost everyone WISHES that things were different but PMs don't have time to wish because we live in the real world and we see the world as it could be...not as it is.  We understand reality and know that it does take hard work, sweat, and commitment to make things happen but we accept that and keep moving forward.  The one thing we possess that others lack is intestinal fortitude.  This is the fire in the belly that gets us up early and makes us work late.  We have a poorly defined sense of failure that fuels our mindset of doing what we can instead of worrying about what we can't.  With PMs, it's never over and we never lose.

So now the decision is yours.  

Are you are pragmatic malcontent?  

Do you possess the grit to fully engage with others in a meaningful way and strive for what could be instead of commiserating about what is?  

By the way, the best thing about being a PM and what really throws everyone for a loop...we do all this with a smile on our face because no matter what the situation...we are just being who we are and there is nothing better in the world than that!

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