Only 162 Days Left…

I am sure you are wondering how there are only 32 weeks of work left in 2017.  How can that be you ask incredulously since that would mean the year was 40% over but we just finished Q1?

The way I figure it our work year grinds to a halt on the Friday before Thanksgiving.  Once we hit Thanksgiving, everything is more or less on hold until sometime mid-January.  So that means that we have from Monday, April 3 until Friday, November 17 to ensure we make shit happen!

Being candid and honest about our work helps dramatically when it comes to establishing our collective sense of urgency.  I believe the challenge is determining how to work both efficiently and effectively in the time that we have.  We cannot manufacture more time, we can only use the time we have and that takes maniacal focus.

Here are a few things to consider when planning out the balance of our year:

  • Say “NO” often and emphatically –  Wildly successful organizations say NO far more than they say YES.  Once you have clarity on what you will do, it shortens the conversation about things you could do…and that saves both time + energy for everyone.
  • Relinquish “control” (you never had it to begin with) – Much energy is expended when we continue to “make things happen” that are simply not going to happen.  It is like we are standing in a hallway full of doors and continue to bang on the one door we think should open all the while a number of other doors up and down the hall are opening and closing but we just can’t see them because we are too busy trying to make “our” door open.
  • Be brutally honest about your expectations – Don’t screw with your team and have a goal + a stretch goal…stretch goals are stupid and a waste of time.  Clarity is the single biggest gift you can give to your team.  Don’t confuse everyone with multiple goals with dumb names.  Tell them what you expect, provide them with the resources and training to achieve it, and lead them to it!
  • Push people to their limits…and beyond – Provide safety but not comfort…that’s it!
  • Have ONE PRIORITY – The word priority was never meant to be plural.  In fact, it was not pluralized until sometime around the 1940’s!  Pick the most important thing and ruthlessly pursue it.  Once you achieve that, then move on to the next thing.

In the next 162 days, what will you accomplish?

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