Stop it!

We all have our own bullshit. These are the stories we tell ourselves that are simply not True (capital T) but are true to us (lower-case t). This head trash steals our power and makes us play small.

If you want any chance at realizing your potential you must:

  1. Become aware of your own bullshit. Distinguish between capital "T" truths and lower case "t" truths in your life.

  2. Accept this is of your own creation based on your (mostly sub-conscious) interpretations of events in your life. Sadly, it is 90% based on what others have told you about the events in your life. Again, not capital T "Truth".

  3. Understand that this bullshit became a belief that you internalized and it became part of your psyche.

  4. Make a conscious decision on what you truly believe. You have a choice and there is no shame or judgment involved so long as the voice in your head is yours and someone else's or a collection of other voices. Own 100% of your decisions about your capital "T" truths.

  5. Act in alignment with your beliefs about you. Your beliefs should be serving your...not vice-versa. Write this shit down and track it. Start a "bullshit journal" where you record all of the lies you have accepted over the years.

  6. Spread the word to others you care about and challenge them to do the same. Share your bullshit with others because once you call bullshit, you take back all of your power!

If you are ever struggling, just watch this video and I guarantee you will get back on track.

Ego versus Soul

Grace & Mercy