Ego versus Soul

Save to say we often fight one to save the other but is that necessary? How hard would it be to feed both? Is this possible? If so, how?

Step 1 - Dig deep: Ego - Ask yourself the tough questions that must be answered. Figure out what wolf you are feeding and why (if you don't recognize the it because it is a great parable). Don't assume you understand your behavior and don't trust the voices in your head. Don't cut yourself any need to because you are not judging, shaming, or fixing...just trying to "see" reality. Soul - Determine what really feeds your soul. When do you feel peace and/or joy (not happiness)? What do you do effortlessly that is not easy for everyone else? When do you feel like you are part of someone bigger than yourself? When do you not care about getting paid? Ask those close to you about the last time they heard passion or love in your voice...what were you talking about? When was the last time you felt like you made a difference in someone else's life?

Step 2 - Write that shit down: Read it each day and refine/revise as needed. This is a process not an will never be done.

Step 3 - Share with those close to you: Willpower and discipline are a joke. We need strong people in our lives that will hold us accountable and speak to our laziness and weakness. This is hard fucking work and we can't do it alone.

Step 4 - Bum-rush (to attack or seize with an overpowering rush): This is not a delicate process where you win by maneuver warfare. This effort is won when your soul outlasts your ego. Gird yourself up for battle because this is not for cowards. The good news is that your ego is frail and can't withstand this type of attrition warfare.

Incepto ne desistam!

Bring Light

Stop it!