Bring Light

A few weeks ago I was talking with Jim Vaive, Six Seconds North America Regional Network Co-Director, about people and life. We get together from time to time to wax philosophical and solve the worlds least in our minds. Jim used the term "light-bringer" and it stuck in my mind. What would mean to be a light bringer? Is it a lot of work? Is there adequate ROE (return on effort)? Are there others out there? Do they know it? What would the job description look like?

Help Wanted: We need an experienced Light Bringer to join our growing team!

  • See yourself, your team, your family, and the world as it is and not the way you want it to be...and love them all anyway

  • Engage others without judgment, shaming, blaming, or fixing

  • Build up and not tear down

  • Provide space and safety for others to learn, innovate, and grow as a human beings

  • Seek out hard, uncomfortable, messy, emotional...and transformational conversations

  • Have a poorly defined sense of failure

  • Find, develop, and support other Light Bringers

If you're interested in this role, you are hired and you can start immediately...with your next conversation!

Let's all lock arms and hold back the darkness!

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