No one cares about your "Why"

I read Sinek’s book several years ago and found myself enthralled with the concept of “my why”. I have likely spent hours of mental time and energy trying to come up with up with a concise and simple way to communicate this and never really settled in on anything meaningful. I asked other those who knew me (repeatedly in different ways) to see if they could assist. I received thoughtful responses that all alluded to some vaguely similar concept but I could never settle on one thing. Every time someone asked me, I shared what I thought at that moment but it gone once it left my lips…never to return.

Then it hit me! No once really cares about what I tell them my “why” might be. All that really matters are my actions because they bring my why to life even if I cannot adequately communicate it verbally. There has been an entire cottage industry created around “why” and communicating it. Thousands of hours and millions of dollars have been spent on this relatively useless activity because we thought it would somehow change anything. It will not. What will change our future is doing something differently. Nothing meaningful is ever accomplished by merely talking about something with no accompanying action. In fact I would argue that if you have tell someone your “why”, it actually isn’t your “why”. Your why should speak for itself in your actions.

Here’s a different type of to do list:

  • Stop thinking about your why and start acting your why.

  • Get shit done and spend less time planning to do things

  • Act your way into a new way of thinking

  • Be committed, not interested, to fewer things and people

  • Ruthlessly protect your calendar

  • Have zero patience for bureaucracy

  • Be caring and truthful (at the same time)

Try this list for a week and tell me how you feel!

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