Hate & Anger

Hate and anger have never led to any constructive advancement in the history of civilization. With that in mind, here are some things to consider:

  • Civil discourse is essential to the growth of a family, a friendship, a business, an organization, a community, or a nation.

  • We must be able to disagree yet still find common ground on which to build a workable solution.

  • When you state your opinion as a fact (99.573% of the time it is simply your opinion) you leave the other person with only 2 options...agree with you or be wrong. Is that really a choice?

  • We can stand "for" something without spending all of our time railing against what we are "against".

  • We can speak to the positives of our point of view without attacking the perceived negatives of the others.

  • Being in a constant state of anger is legitimately bad for your health and can lead to increased risks of stroke and heart failure.

  • Anger can be a substitute emotional response for fear. Remember this the next time you are angry or dealing with an angry person. It fundamentally changes how we react when we frame someone's angry response in context of them being afraid.

  • Once we label people as "them" or use some other derisive label, it becomes far too easy to speak and behave in a manner that is not humane.

  • Sustainable progress cannot be achieved at the expense of others.

  • True leadership unites, it does not divide. Great leaders are able to communicate how we are the same which brings us together so that we can achieve greater things than we ever could alone.

I see people every day consumed with negative emotions which limits there ability to both think and act and it hurts my heart. We cannot make meaningful change in our lives if we are constantly angry or fearful. There are legitimate reasons our bodies can go into "fight, flight, or freeze" but we do not face many of those reasons in our world anymore (at least in our part of the world). Unfortunately, our brain is not that smart. It reacts to an argument with a co-worker the same way it reacts to being chased by a bear. This unleashes a fury of chemical reactions that hijack our emotions and ruin our relationships.

It can be different, if you want it to be...but it takes hard work. If it were easy everyone would do it...it is not and many don't.

If you disagree, please share as I would love to hear your thoughts!

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