The Rebel versus The Architect

We struggle each day against the system.

We identify areas of opportunity that we want to change or modify in regards to ourselves, our family, those who work with us, and the system overall.

We want to be better.

We want more.

We imagine we are in control...and unfortunately we are...just in a very different way.

We don't understand that we actively design the system we are striving to overcome. We are, at all times, both the rebel and the architect. Each morning we construct our world before deciding how it is limiting us or how we are not enough for it. We believe there is some objective creation that is our world and that we are striving against the odds to succeed.

This is a fundamentally flawed observation because our "world" is uniquely ours and there is proof for this because no other human experiences our world like we do. This is why you can have conversations with others and walk away with an entirely different experience than they do. There is only what we believe to be true and we are prepared to see. Once we accept this, we could see there is no need to struggle if we spend more time creating the world that enables us to succeed.

Consider the following:

  • There is no causality. Simply put, whoever you are now (more importantly who you are tomorrow) is in no way caused or a result of anything that has happened to you. This is all in your head if you believe it and only matters to you. It is your effort at creating your "story" which is also bullshit. We can choose who we are and what we do and that is not limited/enabled/caused by any past occurrences. If you do rely on this, accept that your are simply placing importance on events that support your willingness or unwillingness to be a certain way. (Check out what Alan Watts has to say on the topic)

  • How you feel is meaningless. You need to give our emotions the room they deserve but no more. Emotions are a great indicator that something is impacting us but should never be the driver of or impediment to action. If you wait until you "feel like it" nothing meaningful will ever be accomplished because much of what moves us forward is not emotionally fun to do. Acknowledge your emotions but move ahead regardless but that is how winning is done.

  • What you do defines you. No one is ever remembered or rewarded for what they were going to do. You cannot judge others by their actions and yourself by your intent. If you don't believe me, would you believe Batman?

So the question remains. Will you expend energy raging against the system (that you created) or will you simply say No and realize your power to change the game?

No one cares about your "Why"

A dangerous neighborhood