Peer Advisory Groups

All of us are smarter than one of us.

Finally have a cohort of your own peers who truly understand the problems that you are facing today.

We should judge people not by their solutions but by their questions.

In this space, I work really hard to provide you a space free of judgment.

Each of the leaders in the group are responsible for the livelihoods of hundreds of families and they take that responsibility seriously.

They set aside one day each month to focus and re-energize with their peers to ensure they are doing their very best for their teams, families, and themselves.

You spend the rest of your time under the burden of so much responsibility- this is your space of safety and emotional stillness.


This is your group.

For an entire day once a month a group of talented people get together to:

  • work through complex and complicated decisions, opportunities, and challenges

  • get objective feedback on ideas

  • learn from the mistakes of others

  • hold each other accountable for action items

I’ll be there to prompt with questions when needed, but at the end of the day, you get what you put into it. My job is to facilitate, not drive.

Who is this for?

Definitely not for the weak of heart, Vistage groups are tremendously rewarding for those who truly want to make meaningful change in their lives as well as the lives of others.

  • Business leaders

  • Business owners

  • Key executives (aka high performers & high potentials)

  • Emerging leaders

  • Entrepreneurs & solopreneurs

  • Trusted advisors

What is Vistage?

Vistage has provided Peer Advisory Groups, coaching, and support to leaders since the late 1950’s and now has over 20,000 members all over the world. Learn more about Vistage by clicking here.


Find a Group That’s Right For You


“I look forward to hearing that even though the business that I’m in is very different from some of the folks in our group, that we all struggle with similar problems.” -John

“I really wasn’t sure that I was going to see the benefit of taking this much time out of my work day, but I really do see that it’s actually made me better as a business owner and it’s actually improved things in the company as a whole.” - Shauna

“I like the group because everyone has obstacles… but in here the process forces you to come face to face with those obstacles you have… and allow you to put a lot of them behind you.” - Mike


1:1 Coaching

Seek progress, not perfection

As a member once said, “Every once in a while he hits me in the head with a hammer, but in a pleasant way.”

These 1:1 sessions are here to help you build awareness of your own blind spots in order to help you better leverage the power of your group sessions.

I have worked on business plans, met with other members of organizations to work through issues: it is your time to use as you see fit.

We’ll work on finding the right action items and I’ll follow up with you on them.

60-90 minutes a month